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Ealing Gin : New, Improved, More Environmentally-friendly Bottle Decoration

The eagle eyed among you may, in the next few months, notice we’ve created a new, improved bottle. It is still stunning, the beautiful Art Deco inspired pattern is the same and it still shimmers in the sunlight or indeed the “spotlight”. BUT it is now way more environmentally friendly!

As you know, we have always been and will always be a premium, classy but most importantly, good spirited brand. We want to give people a beautiful sipping experience but we also want try to do some good as we build our business and be kind to both people and the environment so…

We are now using state-of-the-art technology to apply the iconic design to our bottles with
sprayed-on organic inks instead of using decals… meaning we’ve removed plastics from the process completely. We’ve also made other logistical changes that have massively reduced our use of transport and fuel… meaning a far lighter carbon footprint.

As said, the new bottle will trickle into the shops etc over the next few months.

Lots to celebrate! As always, our very best wishes – cheers and chin chin xx