Slide Botanicals & Tasting Notes We use the finest ingredients in our recipe for Ealing Gin – it’s a blend of classical and more modern botanicals:

Juniper, coriander seeds, cardamon, clove, angelica root, cassia bark, orange peel, pink peppercorn.

Plus four inspired by the traditionally English parks and gardens of Ealing:
Garden mint, rosemary, chamomile flowers and scented rose petals.

All of the botanicals are sourced from a specific country of origin/supplier to ensure the highest quality and continuity of flavour.

Tasting Notes:

"A deep flavoured, well balanced and sophisticated gin with everything sitting gently on the junipers.

Leads with zesty, orange citrus combined with warm spice. The chamomile fills the gaps and has an overall smoothing effect. (providing a lovely, smooth mouth feel).

Leaves with a subtle floral, peppery linger on the palate. Pleasing, refreshing, elegant and friendly."