Slide make a perfect gin and tonic How to Make the Perfect Ealing Gin and Tonic First fill your glass with ice.

The more ice the slower it melts, so it keeps your drink cooler for longer without diluting it too much, too quickly.

Pour your Ealing Gin over the ice then pour in your tonic. Traditional Indian tonic goes beautifully with Ealing Gin.

Avoid ‘drowning’ the gin by using 1 measure of gin to 2 of tonic
(once you’ve tasted it you can add more if you want to).

Give it one quick stir. You want to preserve the effervescence and more stirring will make it go flat more quickly.

Add your chosen garnish.

If using mint or rosemary, massage it a little before adding, to release the essential oils and aromas.

Drink directly from the glass rather than through a straw so you get the full taste benefit of aromatic gin botanicals and the garnish.

Enjoy! Cheers and chin chin!