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Ealing Gin in The Harrods Curated Gin Collection

Ealing Gin Now in Harrods

AMAZING NEWS! We are hugely delighted to announce that Ealing Gin has been chosen by Harrods to be part of its curated gin collection. A great honour and an incredible endorsement. Thank you to Nick Fleming (Spirits Buyers for Harrods) and his brilliant team for their support.

And for Nick’s kind words: “When choosing new brands, I am always on the look out for something distinctive, fresh and authentic – all of which I found with Ealing Gin. It is a beautifully crafted, deep-flavoured gin, in a stunning bottle with a great story to tell – all the things our discerning Harrods customers expect.”

Pop in to visit the beautiful Wine & Spirits Department – it’s at the very forefront of drinks retailing giving customers a luxurious but accessible browsing environment and a great, interactive shopping experience. The team are all lovely, helpful and (as you might imagine) very well informed.

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Ealing Gin Now Served at Steak on the Green

Ealing Gin is now available at one of West London’s finest restaurants, Steak on the Green. And we’re more than pleased.

Steak on the Green puts as much care into its steaks as we’ve put into our gin. So, start your meal with a stunning aperitif, knowing you’re about to eat some of the finest, single farm reared beef in the UK. The steak cuts are from beef that has been aged on the bone for at least 28 days, a maturing process which enhances the taste.